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About Us



A7 Exports is an enterprise dedicated to export fresh limes to United States and Europe. Was founded in 2016 to supply the necessities of retail and wholesaler customers.


Since 2019, we have direct distribution in New York City by the hand of our american partner Hamptons Express that requires us special esthetic characteristics and ensuring control throughout the supply chain. From there, A7 focused on the esthetic and that is why customers recognize us today. Our experience in the retail sector has shown us the requirements of the demanding market of the United States. 

We are located in Pereira, Colombia

For 2021, A7 Exports is introducing Pulps & Concentrates, a new portafolio product that came to level up the company, the growers, the market and of course, the customer. With this value added, we are giving one more step in the international market. 

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